Race car preparation

Mx5 Mk3 Roddisons number 1 car

MX5 Race car preparation

Race Car preparation is what we do best – not only is it our business – it is our hobby too, we just love tinkering with race cars and driving them fast of course.

All our MX5 race car preparation is done in our bespoke workshop based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Just next to Meadowhall actually.
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We can build MX5 race cars to all budgets from MK1 Mazda MX5 race cars to the latest MK3 MX5 race cars.

When building a race car safety standard cannot be done on a budget – we must make sure no corners are cut when it comes to the MSA specification – approved roll cages, fire extinguisher systems, safety cut offs – we cover it all in fine detail.

max5 car15 mk1 mx5

Our favourite cars to work on and prepare are the mazda mx5, the race series we are in runs mx5 mk1 and mx5 mk3 models. You can find the specification for the championship we run in on the max5 racing website.