gaz shock absorbers


Gaz shock absorbers are what we recommend every time for mx5, combine that with wheel alignment and a good set of Federal 595 RS-R tyres – you will be holding the road like you don’t know what – basically the car will drive like it is supposed to – on rails.

We are an approved retailer of Gaz Shocks and have years of experience using them on our Max5 race cars and the road cars we prepare for our customers.

Gaz supply a a full range of shocks all of them adjustable – allows you to have a normal road setting for day to day use – plus you can adjust them for the track.


gaz coilover kit

We understand a lot of our customers know their way around a car really well and can fit Gaz Shocks themselves – we do offer a fitting service if required.

But for all Gaz Shocks purchased from our selves – we offer a FREE Laser Wheel Alignment Service – so after you have fitted them – bring your car down and we will set it up with laser alignment for you – No Charge. Just get your Gaz Shocks from us.

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We can supply you with: Gaz GT, Gaz GAI, Gaz GS, Gaz DA, Gaz GP, Gaz Gold Pro, Gaz GHA Kits, Gaz Gold, Plus the new Gaz Monotube