Four Wheel Alignment

Four Wheel alignment - camber guage

Four Wheel Alignment is one of the services we provide for your road car, track car or your race car.

Your car is usually set to factory settings for the front and rear toe, caster, and camber.

Here at Roddisons Motorsport in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we set up the 4 wheel alignment of your car to the way that is best for the overall handling and also to match the way that you like to drive it.

Road car set ups are different to race car alignment set ups, for road cars we have to consider the effect of tyre wear on the car, as excessive wear can be costly.

We set the car up on our level ramps and clamp the steering wheel in the centre position; the car is set up on special swivel plates to allow for ease of suspension movement – less friction.

Set ups can be tuned for different tracks and weather/temperature conditions, usually best to do some testing once we have initially set the four wheel alignment, fine adjustments can then be made once we get feedback on handling.

Corner Weighting – should also be considered once you are becoming race competitive.

This is another service that can be provided for that competitive edge on the race track

If you need any advice or you just want to talk to us about your four wheel alignment needs just give us a call – we are here to help.