Corner weighting services

mx5 for corner weighting

Corner Weighting is a key ingredient to our formulae in winning the Mazda Mx5 Max5 Championships in 2010 & 2011.

Corner weighting is basically the method of equalizing the weight of the car so that it balanced across the four corners of the car.

The Orange Car is one of the race cars in the Max5 Championship that we look after, it was weighed under race finishing conditions – with just the driver and 3 Litres of race fuel in the fuel tank – 3 Litres is the minimum amount of fuel a car must cross the finish line with – this is so that the stewards are able to sample the fuel to check that it is legal for the race.

Depending upon how heavy the car is we can either move weight around the car to help achieve equal balance – or we can adjust the pre load and ride height of the car to equalize the diagonal cross weight balance of the race car – that’s front left to rear right etc.

Corner weighting scalesWith this Max5 Car we did have to remove the passenger seat to get the car down to the minimum weight – at the end of the process the mx5 was just 4 KG over – allowing for any inaccuracies in weighing equipment at different tracks – there should be no trouble achieving the allowable minimum weight for the max5 Championship.

Corner weighting is particularly important for race cars and high speed corner balance – not so critical for a road car – but should you wish us to check your corner weight for your road car – just give us a call.

Probably one of the more important things to consider for your road or track car would be four wheel alignment – sometimes it is called four wheel laser alignment – click here to read about four wheel alignment.