Mission Motorsport Race Of Remembrance

The Race Of Remembrance – 2014 This was always going to be a unique special event, organised by a great friend of Roddisons Motorsport, Jon Earp of Mission Motorsport had a dream for an 8 hour endurance race, with a difference, what a difference it was, at 10.40am all the cars pulled off the track for a Remembrance Service in the pits, an army chaplin, the Welsh male voice choir and a Paddock full of racers, crews and support staf, just amazing to have been involved. We were entered as an entrant in to the Heroes Trophy, basically just the one car, with three drivers, myself, Jon Halliwell and Matt Tidmarsh. The Car – Number 55 – old faithful. with the odd tweek here and there. The Crew, Chief Mechanic Ian Iany, support , Lee Hollin, Tigger, Peter and whoever we could blag basically. The car ran beautifully until we started to lose the clutch pedal due to the clutch fluid over heating, we got back in to the pits and car was up on the axle stands with Ian bleeding the system and Matt topping the fluid up, we were back out on track within 2 mins 47 secs. Sounds amazing, it was until we realized that ever pit stop had to last 3 mins minimum, grrrrrrr, result was a drive by penalty in the pits. Overall we finished 7th on the sheet and 4th in the Heroes Trophy. Well done to Jon Earp and the team for pulling off such a Special event, we were so glad to be involved…… race of remebrance 2014                 mission motorsport race of remembrance        

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